September 28, 2020
Passage: Exodus 17:1-7
Greetings Everyone:  This week has been marked by bereavement:  Albertha's nephew, Hunter, died in British Columbia and she has gone to be with her family there.  The Rev. Tom Vais of Thornhill P.C. died suddenly last Sunday.  A private funeral will be held tomorrow, Saturday.  You will find his obituary together with a link to the funeral service on the PCC website.  We extend our sympathies to Albertha and her family; and to the Rev. Dr. Heather Vais and her family.
We look forward to our third Sunday "back at church".  A print copy of the service is attached.  You are reminded to check out the online version that Roger sends out on Saturday (after church if you plan to be out).  Thanks to Bill, Deon and our "Hymn Factory" on Tuesday we recorded praise songs through October 25th. You can hear members of the choir "live" on the broadcast this week. We're learning to do something new almost every day.  I am sure that this is true for those of you who are working or sending your children out to school.  Can we discern a blessing (or two) in the pandemic?  I think so.
Next week, October 4th, is World Communion Sunday.  Due to health concerns we will not be sharing the Lord's Supper.  You and your family are invited to share communion at home.   A communion liturgy will be included in both recorded and print worship services for you to follow.
Peace be with you, Duncan


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