February 7, 2021
Passage: Mark 1:29-39
Dear Friends:  Good Morning!
I am writing these words on the morning of Friday 5th February.  We seem to have dodged the snowstorm (at least in Pickering) that was threatened yesterday. There's something to be thankful for.  And we all have many reasons to be thankful.  I know we are heartily fed-up with the pandemic and attendant irritations.  We are sad because we cannot see our friends or family. Grandparents miss seeing grandchildren and vice versa. Like me, you've probably had enough of the experts on TV and the journalists who quiz the experts.... and so it goes on and on.  Spare a thought today for our PWS&D partners and workers; and those they care for. In comparison to their countries, we are living in a land of milk and honey. Pray for them. Roger was working on including some slides of PWS&D at work - so make sure you watch the worship broadcast to the end.
When Bill, Roger and I go to church on Wednesdays to record the service, church is a pretty lonesome place - although we usually get to see Deborah C., Don and Ivi, sometimes Meryl.  I preach to an empty church (well except for Bill and Roger recording from the balcony) and I have to imagine your happy faces looking back at me. We all agree that going to church on Wednesdays is the high spot of our week. Enjoy the service whether you are watching or reading (or both). God bless the homes that have become your churches these days.
Peace be with you, Duncan
Download the bulletin below for a written version of the service.

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