April 26, 2020
Passage: Luke 24:13-35, 1 Peter 1:17-23
Greetings Everyone in the Name of our Risen Lord!
It is still the Season of Easter - several weeks yet to go before we reach the last and eighth Sunday of Easter on May 31st - usually referred to as the Day of Pentecost and sometimes as "The Birthday of the Church".  Will we be back in our church home before then?  Too soon to tell.  The authorities will let us know when is a safe time to get together again as a congregation.  I have been so impressed by our political leaders and the array of medical experts whose advice has been followed by our governments.  Canada has been blessed in this regard. Please pray for our country and all our leaders.
Since last Sunday our nation has been mourning the 22 innocent people murdered in Nova Scotia.  Violence that is incomprehensible was  visited on the most innocent and isolated rural communities in one of our least populous provinces.  There the instinct is to gather with neighbours to console one another and assert the essential decency and common humanity that we share: -  the gifts of our Creator.  And yet they have been deprived even of this basic social rite by the need for physical isolation during this contagion.  We pray for them all and for all the RCMP officers who had to grapple in the hours of darkness with a crime so hideously planned and executed.  How could they begin to understand the sheer scope of the atrocity that unfolded?
And at last - some good news: this from Ruling Elder Beth Stanbury a proud grandmother for the second time! "Rachel Elizabeth Gould was born on Friday, April 17th at 11:31 AM, weighing 7lbs 3oz and measuring 53 cm long! She is beautiful. Kim, Rachel and Steve are all doing well and are now out of hospital and settling in at home.  Certainly coming into the world at this time she does need our prayers for her safety and well being, however I also thought about all our more senior folk who really need our prayers as well. There is no limit on who all we pray for.
May God bless and preserve you and those you care for in the coming week and always!
Peace be with you, Duncan

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