June 28, 2020
Passage: Romans 6:12-23, Matthew 10:40-42

Dear Friends:  This is the week when we Canadians celebrate our country and for immigrants like the Jeffreys - a time to thank God for the choices we made and the opportunities given us to live in this blessed land.  Now just as we Christians know and understand that we are by no means perfect beings; so as Canadians we recognize that the country we live in is far from perfect.  Just as we don't stop loving each other because we're not perfect; we don't stop loving our country because it's not perfect.

Like all countries in the world Canada is (in Paul's Words) part of this age with all its imperfections. Sin exists at the national level as it does at the individual.  There is much we have to repent as a nation.  As Christians, we need to pray for forgiveness: not just ourselves but for our country and leaders.  We live in a country blessed with free speech and freedom of the press/media.  We enjoy the privilege of living under freely elected governments at all levels.  These wonderful rights were hard won by previous generations of Canadians.  Spare a thought on Canada Day for their sacrifices that won our privileges. And use your free speech and your vote to help create a country where God's will may truly be done.

Happy Canada Day.

Just a note about the attached service.  I compose it in a fairly large font: Verdana 14.  I find it a comfortable size to read on my screen.  If you wish to print it I suggest you use the "select all" button to highlight the whole document, then reduce the size to 11.  You will save paper and toner.  This week's service as usual is the work of many hands/hearts and voices.  Please thank them when you are able.  We will still need readers (and singers) for our services through July and August.  You just need a smart-phone with voice recorder function to "tape" your contribution.  Also, as we have previously done for summer services - I am hoping for an "all-request" playlist.  Please let me know the songs you would like to hear. We will try to find recordings or play them for you.  I will do my very best to let you know when "your" song will be "broadcast"

Peace be with you, Duncan


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