February 21, 2021
Passage: Genesis 9:8-17
Good Morning Friends:  I knew it was a good morning when I heard my younger neighbour shovelling my driveway at 6:30.  He is a Sri Lankan Christian and always addresses me as "pastor".  It does make me feel a bit like the old geezer next door.  But I can put up with that when I wake up to the sound of a snow shovel! Many of you will be digging out this morning. You condo-dwellers will be celebrating your decision to sell your houses. And it's really one of the nicer reasons for living in a Retirement Residence. Life is a journey, my friends. And as we journey through the church year we have left Epiphany behind and with Jesus we set our faces towards Jerusalem.  During Lent we are called to repent: as individual Christians, as a Church, as a Nation, as a World. "Repent" is formed from two Greek words meaning "turn around". How will we turn around this year?
Enjoy this printed worship service. Thank-you Elders for sharing it with your districts.  If you usually watch online: use this script as a bulletin. Every blessing to you and yours.  Please let me know of the good and bad news in your lives. Here's some very good news:  Congratulations David and Lian Tan who are grandparents for the first time: Eisley Kiara Tan, a gift from God,  was born on Valentine's Day - a daughter for Cindy and Daniel.
Apartment wanted:  a single gentleman in our congregation needs a small apartment/basement etc. in Richmond Hill or surrounding areas for the end of March.  If any of you know of such a place, please call me.  Thank-you.
Peace be with you, Duncan
 Download the bulletin below for the written version of the service.  The link to the audio-visual version follows.

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