April 19, 2020
Passage: John 20:19-31, 1 Peter 1:3-9

Greetings, friends:  It's hard to believe that this is the fifth week since we last worshipped in church on March 15th.  Throughout this time we have been worshipping in our homes, either reading or listening to the services which have included Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  I have had so much help in delivering these services to you.  Thank-you elders and neighbours who share.  Thank-you to Roger who has worked tirelessly on the design and technical sides to improve our audio-visual broadcasts; and to Terry who brings worship to you on the website.  A special thanks to Paulette who has been at my side and provided another voice to bring some variety to our services. You will also hear Marsha read the Gospel for us this week.  Thank-you!

If you too would like to participate in worship please contact me.  You need to have a computer/phone with a voice recorder.  I would "simply" send you the reading and then you would "simply" send it to me to include in the service; or you might choose to sing a song and record it in the same way. I put "simply" in quotes - as it's never quite as simple as you think.  We've been hearing a lot about "curves" and "flattening curves".  Online worship for us has been a steep learning curve.  I do thank God for these gifts of technology and human ingenuity. If this had happened even twenty years ago churches would have gone silent with the rare exception of churches with radio ministries (remember radio?).

In closing please keep each other (and Paulette and me) in prayer.  Help your neighbour and thank anyone who has helped you out in any way. May God bless and preserve you and your loved ones.  I do hope that our church service will be a blessing to you whether your read the words or hear them.  If you do plan to listen and watch online;  you might consider ignoring the printed version unless you want to "hear" me twice.

Peace be with you, Duncan