June 14, 2020
Passage: Genesis 18:1-15, Matthew 9:35-10:8

Greetings Everyone:  What a lovely day - even though I had to change into my flannel shirt and fleece pants.  I do hope that you and and your families are all well and able to enjoy this gorgeous spell of weather.  Laura Ewing called to ask if I had seen Bruce Arthur's op-ed piece on church reopening in today's Star.  I had.  Read it at breakfast and nodded most of the way through.  If you don't get the Star, the headline is "Are we reopening houses of worship on a whim and a prayer".  Do read:  lots of wisdom.  Made me very thankful for our decision on Tuesday not to reopen till September.   Zoomed with the RH Ministerial Thursday and out of the churches in our area: United, Anglican (Saint Mary's) and Lutheran are all opening in September.

Thank-you David for reading this Sunday; and Nikki who read last week.  It is so vital that our broadcast features a wide and representative variety of voices.

And from my buddy: Rev. Mark Gaskin in Waterloo-Wellington this link to the protocols for work-place safety in Ontario.  However churches reopen and whatever their affiliation - these should be the minimum standards for all of us whose work for the LORD is our worship.  Could those of you who are currently or were formerly in the workplace in Ontario have a comb through this to see what we should be up to?


And as usual don't read the  script ahead of time if you are planning to listen to the audio-visual broadcast, then by all means use it as your "bulletin".  But remember to look up to enjoy Roger's images: we do have the best pictures in RH.  You'll also hear Terry sing a "rocking" contemporary version of Psalm 100.  The musically gifted among you are invited to contribute songs for future worship - just get out the old banjo!

Peace be with you, Duncan

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