September 6, 2020
Passage: Exodus 12:1-14

Greetings Everyone:  Sending out the worship script for all of you who worship at home.  I know some of you read it; some read it to others and others like to use it as a bulletin while worshiping online.  Thank you all for being our "virtual congregation" for these last six months.  Next week (September 13th) you will have the option of attending church again.  We look forward to seeing you if you feel quite comfortable coming out in person.  Safeguards and protocols will be in place to keep us all healthy.  Many of you will want to "wait and see".  That is perfectly acceptable and understandable.  You have gone through a lot by way of isolation and confinement to stay healthy and to keep others healthy.  Broadcast and print worship programmes will be sent to you as usual.  Have a healthy, peaceful Labour Day weekend in this lovely late summer weather.  Please continue to pray for each other, your church and community.

Peace be with you, Duncan

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