February 14, 2021
Passage: Mark 9:2-9
Good Morning Friends:  Call me an immigrant, call me a science denier but I just can't figure out how days are getting longer while temperatures are getting colder.  Is the sun further away? As I dropped out of science in grade 8 to pursue safer studies in classical Greek there are many questions to which I do not know the answers. One of them of course is "when will the church reopen?"  Sorry - don't know - likely some time between April and September.  Like you, I peruse the graphs and statistics, listen to Dr. Bogoch and friends, and like you (probably) shake my head. It's a journey, like the journey from winter to spring; like the journey Jesus and and his friends take from Galilee to Jerusalem that we will be following through the weeks of Lent. It's a journey and it will have an end.  We just don't know when. Meanwhile we are companions on the journey fortified by the One who walks with us: Father, Son and Spirit.  Be strong. Keep praying. Do the right thing.  Call that person you just thought of.  They'll appreciate it. Enjoy Sunday's service - and if you are planning to watch online, reserve this printed order so you can join in the responses.
Peace be with you, Duncan
Duncan James Jeffrey
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