November 15, 2020
Passage: Zephaniah 1: 7, 12-13, 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11
Greetings Everyone: Spent breakfast this morning with the Star and CBC Radio 1. Not comfortable listening with COVID news dominating. We need to be ready for any changes that may come from the public health authorities in the days ahead.  I think it's best to regard everything we are planning as conditional.  I look forward to seeing some of you on Sunday and hope the rest of the congregation will be able to watch the recording of this worship service next week.  Please read attached announcements for some good news as our groups plan new ways of observing some beloved traditions. Mr. Rogers used to say "look for the helpers".  I don't have to look too far - they are all around me.  Please pray for each other and do all the right things to stay well.
Peace be with you, Duncan
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