December 13, 2020
Passage: Isaiah 61:1-4
Good morning everyone:  Tomorrow is the Third Sunday in Advent when we light the Candle of Joy. It's hard to even think about "joy" during this strange season of Advent.  Many of us will be missing out on beloved Christmas traditions: gatherings and outings and so on. Where can we find joy?  Tomorrow we proclaim some reasons for joy in any Christmas: "Knowing that Christ is coming to bring healing and wholeness to the world"; "When we gather for worship (as we will do tomorrow by scripts and screens)  it is a celebration, an opportunity to rejoice in all that God is doing among us and beyond us." "Together, we are a sign of God's joy for the world." So strive to find Joy in every way you can. Today the Christmas Shoppe will be delivering your orders "curbside".  I will be joyful when I pick up 5 jars of marmalade!
Roger has already sent out the links for our recorded worship service. Thank-you Roger!  If you will be watching online, please reserve this printed script to use as a bulletin so you can respond.  Otherwise - join us all in worship in your mind's eye and memory as you follow the printed script.
Peace be with you, Duncan
Download the Bulletin below for the written version of the service.

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