September 5, 2021
Passage: Mark 7:24-37
Good Morning, Friends: Wishing you all a relaxing and restorative Labour Day holiday weekend wherever you may be spending it. This service is the last pre-recorded worship service before we "open" church next Sunday (September 12th). In future, we will be recording the services "live" but will not be sending them out live for the time-being. The editing process takes a couple of days - so please don't be disappointed if you don't get the broadcasts on Sundays. You will be receiving the link later each week until we perfect the live-streaming process. I will be mailing/emailing and delivering the printed scripts, God willing, as usual on Fridays. If you plan to watch later, as usual please reserve the scripts to use as your "bulletin." Don't forget to read the announcements at the end!
One downside to "going live" is that we may be seeing less of Roger's fabulous wildlife and scenic photography. I want to take this opportunity to thank him on your behalf for gifting us his lovely images and for editing and producing the recorded services each week. This was a colossal sacrifice of time that resulted in a very professional and attractive worship broadcast each week (in my humble opinion, certainly among the best in Canada). Bill, our engineer and audio-visual consultant, also gave unsparingly of his time each week to make sure that all the parts worked. Again, I thank him on your behalf. Webmaster Alex also deserves our thanks for connecting us with the internet world each week. We will all be continuing the ministry of online worship, but we will need some new team members to spread the load more evenly going forward (we all enjoy a weekend off now and then). If you, a loved one or friend has some interest and capability in these matters or would like to learn, we would surely like to hear from you with a view to putting your gifts to work in our online ministry in the months ahead.
Now here is your script for Sunday, September 5th, 2021 and once again Happy Labour Day Weekend.
Peace be with you, Duncan

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