July 26, 2020
Passage: Gen 28:10-19a

Dear Friends:  We have now been worshipping this way for four full months.   It's hard to believe but it's true.  This has only been made possible through YOUR incredible generosity.  Your gifts of time (!); talent (!); and treasure (!) have not only kept the wheels on this old bus - they have also allowed us to explore many new ways of being a church.  This learning will be invaluable as we move forward into the future.  Prayerfully, hopefully we will begin to offer worship at/in church on September 13th as planned.  A team of elders is working to make this transition a smooth one.  Don't worry if you can't get out to church, or feel hesitant to do so.  We are planning to keep in place our printed and broadcast services during this "in between" season: not lockdown, not normal.  We will only be able to do this through your continued support and prayers. Thank-you.

Peace be with you, Duncan


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