May 3, 2020
Passage: Psalm 23, Acts 2:42-47

Dear Friends: Hope you enjoy the attached service* for Sunday 3rd May.  May Day always seems like such a hopeful date - like turning a corner in the year. Friday was glorious.  I was at church putting this service together for delivery to RH Retirement Residence - and for mailing. Although I was there for only a few hours, I saw Amy, the Glenns, Deborah, Cameron and Abbie - it was almost like old times - but we "kept our distance". I do miss seeing you and worshiping with all our friends on Sundays.   Please call me if there is a need or you just want to talk.  As you will know there is no clear indication of when we will be able to resume services at church.  Your church is not too lonely, though.  Don Glenn goes in just about every day to check that everything is OK and pick up the mail.  Ivi is in a couple of days a week to pay the bills and process offerings that come by mail, mailbox or email.  Thank-you for your generous support during this time. Deborah, Susan and I pop in to take care of any odds and ends.  David Rosevear has been busy in the front garden which is promising to be quite splendid by the end of the month!  We are all longing to be reunited BUT - we respect that our governments are putting our health first -as it should be.

*Attached service. Tip: If you are reading this on a screen and the font is too small,  just "select all" and increase to 16 pts!  Thanks to Roger for his gorgeous slides - showing us together in better times and allowing us to escape our confinement to tour the natural world and its wonders.  Terry is posting the broadcasts to our website "sermon" tab. We are grateful for his help and to all the Boltons who read the scriptures this week. Hang in there, guys!

May God preserve you and all those you care for in the days to come.

Peace be with you, Duncan

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