November 22, 2020
Passage: Ezekiel 34:11-16, 23-24, Ephesians 4:15-23
Good morning everyone:  It's hard to believe that this Sunday is the last in this church year.  Next Sunday (29th) is Advent 1 and we'll be lighting the first candle on our wreath.  Many of my neighbours have jumped the gun on their Christmas lights, taking advantage of our mild November to install their illuminations before fingers and wires are frozen.  What are your neighbourhoods like - lights on yet?  Speaking of lights - last Sunday (15th) was a dull day and conditions in the sanctuary were decidedly dim.  Bill and Roger have been struggling with the recording to rescue your minister from obscurity.  We now recognize that the chancel which has always been under-illuminated needs some additional lighting as we continue to record/broadcast services for the foreseeable (forever?) future. Hopefully this Sunday will be brighter.  And why don't you brighten up someone's day by picking up the phone and having a chat?  Kudos to our groups who are trying to adapt some of our beloved Advent/Christmas traditions to current COVID conditions.  There is space in this Sunday's script for announcements that will bring you up to date. Please support and help them wherever you can.
Peace be with you, Duncan
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