June 13, 2021
Passage: 1 Samuel 15:34-16:13

Greetings Dear Friends: On Wednesday mornings I stop at the Post Office on Arnold Crescent to mail services before the 9:00 pick-up.  This week I noticed the flag at half mast.  My first thought was that a valued former postal worker had passed.  Then I remembered.  The remains of 215 indigenous school children had been discovered in Kamloops and the Federal government had decreed this signal of respect. Then I remembered.  A family of four Muslims had been murdered in London. What did these events have in common? - racism:  historic and contemporary; racism born of arrogance, contempt and fear.  

Racism is also, almost always, born of ignorance of "the other" living among us.  What can we do? Enter into the world of the other; learn about their history and religion; learn what you can do to make a difference. Stop every conversation that veers towards racism - even spoken in jest.  There is no such thing as a funny racist joke. Cut-off your friend or neighbour as soon as your alarm bells go off - then explain why you find their words offensive and beneath them. If everyone did this, there would soon be no more race based jokes in Canada. The PCC continues to strive to abide by the principles of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. We too operated "Indian Residential Schools". Learn about our historic racism and respond.

Many local mosques welcome neigbours to visit and learn about their community.  Vaughan's Baitul Islam Mosque is part of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community.  Located near Teston and Jane, they are always reaching out to our community. After COVID take advantage of the opportunity to get to know them.  

I pray that you may meet God anew in the attached worship service and see yourselves in the mirror of Israel's history.  Remember to use this service as a bulletin if you plan to watch Sunday's service.  Have a great weekend.

Peace be with you, Duncan

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