June 27, 2021
Passage: 2 Samuel 1:1, 17-27
Greetings, Everyone: Enjoy worship for June 27th. I thank everyone involved in bringing these services to you online. If you usually watch the service on your screen, just use this hardcopy as a "bulletin" to help you participate in the responses.
Drive in Cool Summer Praise begins July 7th at 7:30pm in the parking lot (weather permitting: CSP will be cancelled if heavy rain, thunder etc. is forecast for that evening). New COVID protocols allow us to have more people outdoors. Folding chairs will be set up facing the offices for those who walk-in or don't wish to remain in cars. The worship team will have their backs to the offices. Drivers of small cars please park in the front row behind the chairs. Small SUVs second row: Full size SUVs and trucks please park in the back row. You will be able to tune into the service on your FM radios and sing as loudly as you like in your cars. The frequency will be announced. Ice cream will be served during the message. Song books will be distributed. Please keep yours in your cars for the following weeks.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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