October 18, 2020
Passage: 1 Kings 8:27-30,Ephesians 1:15-23
Good morning friends: I trust that you and yours are all well and doing all you can to keep our community healthy.  I popped by Richmond Hill Retirement Residence on Wednesday to drop off printed services for our members who live there.  Although visiting is not permitted at present I had an interesting talk with a lady from another church sitting on the bench outside.  I recognized her from Pancake Breakfasts, Bazaars and the like.  I explained what I was doing and how the church is trying to communicate with our people in as many ways as possible.  We agreed that the cumulative religious knowledge of our churches has grown significantly during the lockdown.  People are actually reading printed services.  They are listening and watching on their devices (sometimes with head-phones).  Perhaps they are hearing better than they do in church - and they can rewind and repeat. Some of them are visiting multiple churches. In short - they are learning more than perhaps they usually do.  What do you think?  Has your religious IQ shot up?  There will be a test!
Peace be with you, Duncan

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