October 5, 2020
Passage: Mark 14:12-16, Act 2:5-11

Greetings everyone:  Thank-you elders for forwarding this to your districts.  I would like to personally thank the elders for their work during the months of the pandemic.  They have been key to ensuring that our church community has been able to remain so lively and connected. World Communion Sunday presents a strange conundrum this year.  On the very Sunday when we normally celebrate communion with the saints of all ages and all places, breaking bread with brothers and sisters around the world, we are unable for health reasons to share the Lord's Supper in church.

In Sunday Worship  we will join together in a typical communion service in every way except for physically sharing the elements.  Words for a communion you can use at home are included in print and broadcast services.  I urge you all to share at home.  In this way we are still united with each other in holy communion and joined to the saints of all ages and places.  For we are all one body in Christ. For those worshiping in church I encourage you to play the audio/visual service at home on Sunday afternoon when you break bread and lift the cup. Once again, on your behalf, I  thank Roger for countless hours of work marrying word, music and images to bring worship into our homes in such a joyous and beautiful format.  We look forward to this week's broadcast.
May God bless and keep us all safe and healthy!

Peace be with you, Duncan


Hi all.  Here (below) is the youtube link for this week's Communion Sunday service.  As a point of clarification, it is suggested that if you wish to participate in communion you do so at the very end of the service following the choir singing Hallelujah/Amen.  It is at this point in the broadcast that Duncan and Paulette walk us through the sharing of the elements.
Thank you
PS. Also note that included with the script for this Sunday is the congregational news including a financial update.


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