December 27, 2020
Passage: Isaiah 61:10 - 62:3

Dear Friends:  I am attaching the service for December 27th.  If you plan to watch the worship broadcast please keep this script to use as a bulletin.  I receive a weekly Christian blog from Jim Taylor of Woodlake Books.  I thought that what he has to say about the Pandemic was worth sharing.  Here it is.

Long ago, Joni Mitchell wrote, “And the seasons, they go round and round/ and the painted ponies go up and down…” Even a carousel must shut down, occasionally, for servicing. Ponies need repainting.

            Pandemic precautions may force us to reconsider what’s really important to us.  Some of the changes we have experienced may turn out to be permanent; some will not. In pandemics of the past, no doubt most of the people hoped that things would return to normal. They didn’t. The Black Death was also the death of feudalism, the birth of a middle class. The 1918 flu forced re-thinking of public health, a recognition of poverty and discrimination as health issues. We won’t know what happens, until it happens. So as 2020 winds down, let us cherish what we have, and let go peacefully of what we can no longer have.

Peace be with you, Duncan


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