May 2, 2021
Passage: Acts 8:26-40
Greetings Friends: How quickly these weeks are flying past.  No more April showers as we look forward to May flowers. At least we should now be able to spend more time out of doors enjoying fresh air and exercise whether in parks or on balconies.  The gifts of Nature are the gifts of the Creator.  Give thanks.  Give thanks too for everyone in health care working so hard to get us all vaccinated. The age profile of our church suggests that most of us may already have received the "jab".  Good news!
On this fifth Sunday of Easter we look back at the early church described by Luke in his "Acts of the Apostles". In Sunday's message I describe Acts 8 as "The Evangelism Express".  May the story of Philip inspire us all as individuals and as part of the family of God to be evangelists wherever we are; to whomever we meet; and however we are called to serve. Please remember that if you plan on watching Sunday's service online you should keep the attached script as a "bulletin" until then.
Roger has included some slides of the renovations to the sanctuary that were carried out in preparation for the 200th Anniversary. Our sanctuary improvements are not complete.  In the next few months we hope to install screens, projectors and cameras to prepare our worship space for the future.  We anticipate continuing worship broadcasts after we "return" to church to serve as many people in our church and the community as we can. Just as your generosity helped with phase one - so may God encourage us to contribute to future sanctuary improvement. Let all the earth acclaim the Lord! Worship the Lord in gladness.
Peace be with you, Duncan
Morning all,
What a lovely Saturday morning it was.  Hope you had a chance to enjoy it (in a safe way of course).  Over the past year I've taken great comfort in pursuing various hobbies in my spare time.  I was wondering if others in our church family have done the same.  I thought it might be fun to produce a slideshow, to follow one of our online services, exhibiting some of your creations.  If you have created something, anything really, that you'd like to show off please take a photo of it and send it my way.

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