January 24, 2021
Passage: Mark 1: 14 – 20
Greetings Friends: Please join with us all in worship.  If you plan to watch the service online, you might wish to use the printed script as a "bulletin". This week the inauguration in Washington shone a ray of sunshine in what has been a pretty dark January.  This is the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity - you will find references to that in worship this week.  It's good to think of unity in a world that seems too often hopelessly divided. Too often we may picture Jesus calling the disciples by Galilee as a resort kind of scene.  Nothing could have been further from the truth. Jesus lived in  a world just as messed up as ours.
Fishermen on the Sea of Galilee were compelled by the Roman Army to sell a large portion of their catch to the salt-fish industry to feed its legions across the empire. Naturally the Romans set the price.  Scarcity and poverty resulted. These are recurring themes in Jesus' teachings. Exploitation and oppression go a long way to explain why the fishermen so readily left their livelihoods to become disciples. The setting of Jesus's ministry is one of conflict, struggle and pervasive violence.  Isn't that good news? For God in Jesus Christ experienced everything that we face in January 2021. Fear not.  God Emmanuel is with us.
Tomorrow I will conduct a family funeral for Ruling Elder Lois Leonard 1931-2021 at Marshalls followed by interment at Stayner Union Cemetery. Keep Graham and all Lois' family in your prayers. We will all miss her. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to remember her at a Service of Thanksgiving and Remembrance whenever the health situation permits. Lois shared a birthday with Scottish poet Robert
Burns: January 25th. Roger has added a slideshow of previous Burns Supper as a tribute to Lois so be sure to watch until the end.
Peace be with you, Duncan
Duncan James Jeffrey
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