Rev. Duncan Jeffrey

Clerk of Session

Eleanor Haluza

Music Director

Deon Flash

Director of Church School and Youth Leader

Carol Priestley

Church Bookings

Nancy Vanderlaag

Office Administration
Monday – Friday
10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Ivi Saumets


Don and Lucille Glenn

Newsletter Editor

Christine Bennett

Web Master
905 884 4211


The committees are always looking for new members. So, if you would like to become more involved, feel free to approach any chairperson for more information on how you can help.



Eleanor Haluza

  • Flowers for the sanctuary
  • Holiday decorations for the sanctuary

Christian Education

Nancy Vanderlaag

  • Sunday School program
  • Nursery program
  • Adult Bible Study
  • Responsive Reader program
  • Youth leader contract
  • Youth group program
  • Support the youth leader

Finance & Maintenance

Ivor Arnold

  • Management of church and Kirk Taigh finances
  • Maintenance of church property and grounds excluding the cemetery
  • Managing church insurance
  • Counting and recording of offerings
  • Ordering and distribution of church offering envelopes

History & Archives

Alex Herd

  • Catalog and maintenance of church historical artifacts and archival records
  • Church library program

Mission & Outreach

Susan Falla-Johnson

  • Management of fund-raising mission projects to a variety of causes
  • Outreach communication
  • Church web-site

Pastoral Care

Lois Leonard

  • Sending pastoral care cards to the congregation
  • Organizing visits to the sick and shut-ins
  • Assignment of elders districts
  • Presbyterian Record subscriptions

Worship & Music

Beth Stanbury

  • Music Director contract
  • Organ supply when necessary
  • Maintenance of Church organ and pianos
  • Bulletin paper design and supply
  • Support the choir
  • Support the Ushering teams